Additional paintings!

We are currently in the process of putting additional paintings on stretcher frames. There are some that are in a style I hadn’t seen before, very exciting!  These will be ready by the event on January 24th.  They aren’t posted on this site yet – so plan on coming on the 24th to see them!


New Paintings – just arrived in the U.S.!

New paintings have arrived today, some are familiar in style – Rain, and people, and some are a style we haven’t yet seen on this website.  Stay tuned.  Once they are stretched back onto a frame, I will post photos!  Truly beautiful examples of Africa.

Many new paintings!

Go the Paintings for Sale page to see what’s new!

Mama & Her Baby

Mama & her Baby

In 2012, George sent this very personal card to a special friend at the birth of her daughter.  Indiana, IN

Boys Fishing

Boys fishing

This was painted in 1996 for a missionary who still works in the DRC.



This was a commissioned piece that was being worked on in 2008, when this photo was taken.  At the time of the photo it was unsigned.

What is your Favorite?

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