Paintings for Sale in 2017

George has created this collection of paintings in order to benefit the orphans at Jamaa Letu in Lubumbashi.  Hover over the photos to learn more about each painting, or click on it to see the Gallery.

Exhibition dates and places will be publicized on this website.


3 thoughts on “Paintings for Sale in 2017

  1. I just wanted to send a warm hello and thank you to Kahilu for his great artistry. I was the wife of the Methodist missionary Pilot Stan Ridgway. We lived in Lubumbashi Zaire 1977 til 1984 and we purchased 12 or more of his paintings which I proudly display in my home currently in California
    Thank you for helping me keep the memories of Zaire with me always
    Linda Ridgway-Thompson. I would love to hear from Kahilu by Facebook

    • Thank you for your comments! George is excited to have his paintings shared online in this way. If you are able to photograph your paintings and send them to me, with any other information you have (like the date, story about the painting), I would love to add them to this site. Nice to hear from you!

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